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DockATot Deluxe – A Top Baby Product on My List

As a mom of four, I’ve “been there, done that,” when it comes to baby products. There weren’t many items on my Must-Have Baby Products list for baby Lucas that I didn’t have for previous babies but this is one I didn’t have in the newborn stage before. Sure, we had used the DockATot Grand and knew it was love- but how about for a newborn baby?

Our DockATot was ready to go before baby Lucas was born. I was super excited to use it from day 1. Once we were home from the hospital and I needed a nap- into the DockATot he went! Of course, he slept like a newborn baby and I got a great nap with him close by. I liked that he was cuddled like he was in the womb. I really feel like it made the difference so I didn’t have to hold him constantly.

When we moved, he was only a few weeks old. The DockATot Deluxe was my favorite baby product during this transition. We were back and forth between the old house and new house for about 3 days; this was super hectic. Afterall, I was trying to pack up the old house and move some essentials into the new while prepping it for the big move. The DockATot was so easy to take to and from the houses. He was able to have a safe space to nap that was easy for me to just grab and go. (It also didn’t take up much room in my car which was even more important when I was trying to make the space count and take things to the new house!)

Tummy time!

I really love that the DockATot Deluxe isn’t just for sleep, but it can be used for play too! When he was super little, he loved the toy arch. The black and white toys hanging down were interesting and really kept his attention. The DockATot was also amazing for little cat naps on the living room floor during the day.

Playtime with the arch and toys

Now that Lucas is 7 months old, he’s not in the DockATot Deluxe as much unless he gets super sleepy and literally crawls into it. Well, and sometimes he’ll crawl and play on it since it’s still on the living room floor. I just can’t put it away just yet- at least not until we have a DockATot Grand…. because we just love our DockATots too much.

Basically- we’re a DockATot loving family. Heck, Jackson is almost 4 years old (how- I don’t even know) and he still sleeps in his DockATot Grand every night and it’s super awesome for movie nights on the floor! Both are a must-have in my book since they’re both used everyday.

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