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Little Balance Box Review

The Little Balance Box is a super neat product for babies learning to stand and walk. I found this company a few years ago at MommyCon, but at the time Jackson was too big for the product and Lucas wasn’t “thought of” just yet. I was pretty intrigued, to be honest, and a lot of moms in my Facebook community groups loved the idea behind it too!

Fast forward a few years and Lucas started holding onto things and wanting to walk. When our Little Balance Box arrived, I knew Lucas would love it. And man, was I right! He wasn’t quite walking, even holding onto things but loved to stand. The Little Balance Box had him walking across the living room floor like he had done it all along. I loved that he couldn’t go too fast, even on our wood floors. He also loved to use it as a drum…. you know, because our house wasn’t loud enough with four kids. 😉

After many weeks of using, his balance was great all on his own and he was walking before we knew it. Babies grow too fast, but when they’re the “last baby,” well, it’s like they know and they grow even faster. He was the baby of the family that walked the soonest- and I’m just not okay with it. I highly recommend the Little Balance Box for all soon-to-be-walking babies. <3

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