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Hi! My name is Amanda Carney and I am the writer for Mom Life with Amanda! I am a stay-at-home mom and wife and love every minute of it! (Well, the minutes that I’m not locking myself in the bathroom…) We are a cloth diapering, babywearing, wing this whole parenting thing kind of family. While I’m busy with the “big” kids and toddler, I love to write and be social! You’ll find me walking down every aisle of Target with a Starbucks drink in my hand. My motto is “Coffee till Cocktails,” because to me, it describes motherhood perfectly.


Mom Life with Amanda is a “real life” mom blog. I won’t hide the toys, post photos of me only in makeup with my hair done. You’ll see my real mom life, messy bun and all! You’ll find product reviews, posts about my family, and randomness that just comes out of my fingertips. Motherhood is hard enough without trying to look perfect.



Along with managing my own blog, you’ll find some of my writing work at Cotton Babies and MommyCon. I’m also an official brand ambassador for Guidance Guide, a Parent Squad member for MommyCon, and a brand ambassador.



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