Holiday Gift Guide – For Kids

*There are some affiliate links scattered through this post. Please also note, many of these items are on my personal list this year for my kiddos, which is why there aren’t more personal pictures. 😉


10. FunBites. This is also mentioned over on the Baby/Toddler Gift Guide, because it’s super fun! Kids love eating things that look fun; I’ve tricked my kiddos into eating things numerous times from making it a different shape or putting it into a fun plate. FunBites help make any food fun, whether its a sandwich, some fruit, veggies. FunBites, create bite-sized fun!


9. Melissa and Doug Play Food. If your little one has a play kitchen (or even if they don’t!) Melissa and Doug play foods are adorable! We have SO many of them and I continuously want to keep buying them. They’re made of wood, high quality and after years, still look new! My kids love all the little accessories. My favorite? I love the cookie baking set!


8. Learning Resources, Gears! Gears! Gears! Doesn’t this look like fun?!?! I feel like it’s the kind of toy that not only the kids love to play with…. But daddy will want to play with it too! This toy is not only fun, but helps with fine motor skills, problem-solving, and hand-eye coordination. Anytime a toy actually has a purpose… count me in! I love buying toys that have an educational tool to them, especially when the kids can’t even tell that they’re learning. 😉

7. Snack bags from GenerationMe. My kids love using their reusable snack bags for many things! The options are basically limitless. We use them to carry snacks (duh!), crayons on-the-go, those little game cartridges, hair bows, Shopkins… I could go on and on. The snack bags from GenerationMe are a great idea for a stocking stuffer. Meg offers many different prints so I’m sure you can find something different for each child!


6. EZPZ Flower Mat. These mats are amazing- I’m not sure if my favorite feature is that they suction to the table, they’re dishwasher safe, or because they’ll never show signs of wear. This adorable flower EZPZ mat is perfect for crafting! Because EZPZ mats are made of silicone, you can use them for a variety of things. Silicone is nonporous, so don’t worry about using it as a paint dish one day, washing it, and then for some snacks the next!


5. Feltman Brothers Limited Edition Collector’s Doll– This new limited edition collector’s doll is baby scented and features the softest skin, real eyelashes, and an adorable pixie cut! Comes with a birth certificate and 4 pieces of embroidered, classic Feltman Brothers clothing – a dress, bonnet, booties, and bloomers! Choose from Emma or Caroline. MSRP: $149.00. Perfect to go along with the next gift on my list! 😉


4. Babylonia USA Doll Carrier. This is something both of my girls have and adore! When I received my package with the BB-Tai carrier, Babylonia put in a few gifts for my kiddos as well! The girls both received dolls, a doll carrier, a doll sling, and Jackson got a little bunny lovey. Take my work for it- your little one will absolutely love carrying their babies close just like us mamas do!


3. Dory Playset- Coffee Pot & Dory. When Finding Dory when in theaters, I just had to take my kids. I remember going to see Finding Nemo as a kid and it’s still one of my favorite movies. Of course, the kids loved it! Baileigh exceptionally loved it and her preschool backpack is Finding Dory themed. This is on her wish list- her very own Dory! Now, I’m all for getting your child a pet fish IF they’re ready to take on that responsibility, and they can go to to do some research about that, but if they’re not ready for such a responsibility then something like this is a perfect substitution. Baileigh is 4, so she’s not ready at all. This little Dory will swim in water but there’s no real fish mess to take care of! I can’t wait for her to see it Christmas morning!


2. Shape Mags. These magnetic tile building sets allow little builders to create castles, bridges, trains, buildings, pyramids, rockets, and more…the possibilities are endless. Shape Mags will be a valuable part of your child’s cognitive development, as the construction stimulates right side brain training, promotes creativity, and assists your child with spatial problem-solving tasks, pattern recognition, motor skills, logical thinking, and math reasoning. Shape Mags are compatible with other magnetic tile brands, making it easy to add on to your child’s existing collection, but offers a wider selection of tile shapes. Kids can also shine a flashlight through their magnetic structures to explore shadows and color. Recommended for ages 3+, each set is self-contained in a handy carrier box. Sets retail for $24.99 and up.


1. Amazon Fire, Kids Edition. This is my “big” gift to my big kids this year. They have another kid’s tablet but it uses the game cartridges and lets be honest, those get lost pretty easily. It was a nice tablet and a good starter tablet…. But they need something a little better. After doing some research and comparing prices, I’ll be purchasing two Amazon Fire Tablets in the Kid’s Edition. I really like that it comes with the child-friendly case since kids can be tough on everything- and electronics are no exception!!!

My friend recently told me about a gift she had bought her daughter and I just had to include it in this gift guide! It’s a personalised book, from MeMeMe Press, they’re amazing quality and great prices, definitely worth checking their website out! Also, something that will get the kids outside, whilst picking up a new skill, would be a pair of roller skates. We see kids in the park on these things having a lot of fun; see it here.

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