Are you looking for the perfect gift for the lady in your life? Here are my top 10 gifts For Mom!

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10. BB-Tai Baby Carrier. Every mom needs a good quality baby carrier. My favorite saying is, “Give a mom a meal and you feed her for the day. Give a mom a baby carrier, and she’ll eat whenever she’s hungry.” This is so true! A baby carrier can be so useful for those days when baby just doesn’t want to put down! The best part about a BB-Tai carrier? They have a newborn insert included so you can start using it super early in their life and because of it’s design, it’s easily adjustable for anyone wanting to babywear.


9. Fresh Wave Candle. Natural, Soy-based candle is ONLY $14.99 and perfect for removing odors caused by cooking, smoke, pets, and more. Our candle burns cleanly and is environmentally friendly (oh yeah!) And the best part? It removes stinky odors with natural goodness, not perfumes or fragrance. I use this candle regularly at home to remove odors in the bathroom, the kitchen, and bedrooms! Check out the other AMAZING Fresh Wave products here!


8. Paperless Paper Towels & Cloth Napkins. These paperless paper towels and cloth napkins are great additions to any kitchen or dining room! If mama is even just a tad bit eco-friendly, (or wants to save money!) she will love the ease of paperless products. GenerationMe makes beautiful handmade cloth products as a WAHM. In her Etsy store, you’ll find prints and colors to match any decor or personal style!


7. Chompy Chic Chewlery Necklace. This gift probably is probably aimed more towards moms-to-be and mamas of babies or toddlers. Chompy Chic is my favorite brand of teething jewelry and can, in most cases, be customized with your favorite colors. Once she has one, she’ll totally want more! You can find Chompy Chic Chewlery on Etsy as it’s a work-at-home mom business, owned by Sonia La Vigne. I wear these necklaces even when Jackson isn’t with me!


6. Pink Lemonade Shop Reusable Menstrual Pads. If your special lady likes reusable products, these will be a great addition to her eco-friendly lifestyle! Pink Lemonade Shop cloth pads are so comfortable and absorbent. Why not start her out with an amazing gift set or a gift certificate? I’m sure either way, you’ll make her day!


5. Robot Vacuum. Why don’t you make her work load just a little bit lighter? This is an item that is on my personal wish list this year. Ever since I have seen a Roomba in action, I’ve wanted one. Oh so badly. I’ll admit…. I kind of suck at this whole being a housewife thing. And now that the baby is crawling on the floor, well, I’m reminded a little bit more since he’s almost always covered in dog hair or crumbs. It’s not easy finding the best one (I do love the Roomba but there are many more robot ones), however I was recommended going on to check out reviews on the best vacuums to help me out with my decision, ah the glamourous life of someone who should 100% clean more!


4. Smart Bottoms Nursing Scarf. These scarves are adorable and perfect for nursing mothers, or mamas that aren’t nursing! They’re super fashionable, super soft, and extremely versatile! They’re not quite big enough to be used as a blanket but you could always get a personalisierte decke (personalised blanket) instead which could feature their favourite photos of their first moments with their baby. For the nursing mama, you could also pair it with some lactation cookies! 😉


3. Ju-Ju-Be Bag! This is my FAVORITE brand of diaper bags. Between all the internal organization, wipe-able exterior but also machine washable, and the different bags and different prints for any style- it’s just love! Every mama can appreciate a good diaper bag, especially when they bag can be used after the baby stage! I highly recommend the Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back, which is a backpack style bag. I also love the BFF, Be Classy, Super Be, Be Light, Be Quick, and Be Sets. You could just say…. I love it all!


2. Coffee Till Cocktails Sweatshirt. This is my new favorite sweatshirt- and it’s from Target! Everyone knows of my love for Target; I’m there twice a week or more. When I found this shirt (and this mug, on the same day!), I knew I had to have it. I may need to buy a back-up because it’s been worn more days in a row than I should probably admit. 😉 This giant coffee mug is also perfect for any mama that is fueled by caffeine. Another gift idea, if you want to go down the mug route are photo mugs; they allow you to get super personal and creative with your choice of photo.


  1. MommyCon Tickets! You really can’t go wrong with buying her a ticket to MommyCon! What’s MommyCon? Only the most awesome natural parenting convention in North America! This year, MommyCon will be traveling to Chicago, New York City, Memphis, Austin, Vancouver (in Canada!!), Orange County, Orlando and Atlanta. Even better? How about you grab a hotel for the weekend and spend the weekend either away from the kids or as a family! MommyCon is a very family friendly event. Baby on the way? Why don’t you you take a BabyMoon and grab the Expectant Parent tickets which come with a goodie bag full of new parent must-haves! Use the code FLUFFBUM17 for $5 off general admission tickets- not valid on presale or VIP upgrades.

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